Would you be interested in Link Wheel Services?

We’ve recently been working on some massive link wheels containing several thousand web 2.0 properties linking to each other forming a a huge contextual link wheel.  It was part of the research we did for a personal project and results have been more than exciting.

Would you be interested in Link Wheel Services?

We will soon offer you links from a link wheel of your own, created for you based on your keywords over span of 4-6 weeks fed with unique content added daily & linking to your website getting you massive link juice and blast of organic traffic that goes on and on!

It will consist of 1xxx properties hosted on free blog services, links from top social bookmarking sites, article and web directories all linking each other and your money website.

Hold tight for details on package and real world examples.



Agile Development 101

Agile Development is the methodology of software development where self-organizing teams collaborate together & come up with  requirements and solutions needed by the development process.

IT companies are getting more and more into agile development services for instant prototype production, handle the give and take between customers and sellers and adapt and modify as per the requirements of changing business.

The Agile Development Methodolgy is mainly based on principles and  manifesto, created in early 2000-s and relies on iterative development process. If you are looking for a software development solution that can provide regular upgrades, then you must choose agile development methodology as it will prove best for your requirements.  An agile estimation tool will help you estimate the cost and time reruired to finish a project based on given requirements and offer you the best possible strategy to complete the project.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Agile Development over any other methodology:

Flexible structure:

Agile welcomes all types of changes throughout the development cycle. It is very flexible and accept changes that may arise due to changes in customer demand, market conditions and other essential reasons that arise without warning.

Superior Quality Software

The reason for agile development is to facilitate the development of software to meet customer demand within the specified time without compromising quality. Therefore, the issue of quality is taken seriously and all iterations are well developed, tested and free from defects in providing total customer satisfaction.

Efficient risk management.

Agile helps identify errors in the early stages that lead to effective risk management of the site. It ensures that any degradation of the software will be quickly identified and rectified easily.

There are many software development companies that are using Agile to bring continuous improvement in quality assurance software operation. Choose the one that can help you serve your customers well.

The Top 3 Qualities Of An SEO Consultation Service

Latest report on The Top 3 Qualities Of An SEO Consultation Service:

If you are planning an online presence for your company one of the things you have to do is to create a blueprint for your marketing and advertising strategy. Since the World Wide Web is a very competitive environment for doing business, one of the keys to survival of a website is the ability to generate substantial traffic, and high on the SERPs or search engine results pages. To achieve this, your website can be a little fine-tuning and tweaking of a certified professional search engine optimization needs. However, before you sign a contract with an SEO consultation service, you must first know the qualities of a perfect SEO firm. Here are the top three qualities of a good SEO service.

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